Hairdryer Set

Hairdryer Set

Set of 17 sound files taken from a hairdryer while blow drying.

Loop-ready sound files were recorded at low and high speed, from two different angles (this gives you a smoother sound version) and while shaking the hairdryer from side to side, totalizing 6 loopable files.
Furthermore, there are sound files for turning on to the low speed, turning on to high speed, transitions between low and high speed and viceversa, and turning off from both high and low speed.
Cuts are intended to be looped or pasted one after the other in order to build a custom length sound effect.
i.e. you may want to put together the following files: start_to_low + loop_low + loop_low + transition_from_low_to_high + loop_high + stop_from_high
This way you will hear the hairdryer to turn on, then run at low speed twice the length of the loop, then it will change to high speed during the length of one high speed loop and then it will stop.

Included files / length (in the order they appear in the preview)
hairdryer-17 / 0:20.611
hairdryer-01-start_to_high / 0:01.041
hairdryer-02-loop_high / 0:04.689
hairdryer-03-stop_from_high / 0:02.211
hairdryer-04-start_to_low / 0:01.313
hairdryer-05-loop_low / 0:05.026
hairdryer-06-stop_from_low / 0:02.364
hairdryer-07-transition_from_low_to_high / 0:00.879
hairdryer-08-transition_from_high_to_low / 0:01.312
hairdryer-09-loop_low_shaking / 0:03.098
hairdryer-10-loop_high_shaking / 0:04.237
hairdryer-11-smooth-start_to_low / 0:01.494
hairdryer-12-smooth-loop_low / 0:04.790
hairdryer-13-smooth-transition_from_low_to_high / 0:01.099
hairdryer-14-smooth-loop_high / 0:04.840
hairdryer-15-smooth-transition_from_high_to_low / 0:01.413
hairdryer-16-smooth-stop_from_low / 0:02.326