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Why should I purchase this song?

“Goodbye” is a beautiful looped instrumental track featuring piano and orchestra strings. You can loop as long as you want by using all the different tracks included in this item.

How many track included in this item?

Basically, there are 3 different track in this item. The piano solo part, the piano + string part, and the piano + full string part. I included 5 different track in this item: 1. Goodbye (1:18, WAV main track version) 2. Goodbye (1:18, MP3 main track version) 3. Goodbye – Piano Solo (0:26) 4. Goodbye – Orchestra Strings (0:26) 5. Goodbye – Orchestra Strings Full (0:26, Looped)

Who should buy this song?

If you are a movie or commercial producer this song is perfect for you. If you are an artist or musician and looking for inspiration this song is perfect for you. If you are ‘accidentally’ hearing this song this song is perfect for you too. Basically, this song is good for almost anybody.

Can I request customization for this song?

Sure, why not. It’ll be fun :)

What kind of customization can I request from you?

I can help you to customize this song by editing the notes of this song according to your need.

Why there is no ending part of this song?

I want to give you freedom to rearrange the song as much as you want without having to much worry about the ending part.

What if I want to add an ending part to this song?

Just let me know, and we will do the ending part together. As I said, it will be fun :)

Any last words?

This song is about remembering those precious moments you had with the ones you love. And, saying “Goodbye” is always the hardest part of it all.

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