Upbeat Indie Corporate Kit

Upbeat Indie Corporate Kit

Upbeat Indie Corporate Kit - 1


You made it happen! You want to let your clients and future clients know you made it happen! This is the mood you want to set for exactly that presentation. Relive the memories and the dreams you all shared while on the path to success. Congratulations! Together we made this happen!

Based on my original Audio Jungle item:

Demo Tracks

Demo1_Allmainsections 2:11
Demo2_ChorusAndGroove 2:11
Demo3_ShortWithBuildUp 1:39

No Tails

01_Intro_Full 0:19
02_Intro_NoDrums 0:19
03_Intro_Guitar 0:19
04_Verse_Full 0:16
05_Verse_NoDrums 0:16
06_Verse_MelodyandClap 0:16
07_Chorus_Fullpt1 0:16
08_Chorus_Fullpt2 0:16
09_Chorus_NoKick 0:16
10_Chorus_Stripped 0:16
11_Groove 0:16
12_Break 0:16
13_Build 0:16


01_Intro_Full_T 0:19
02_Intro_NoDrums_T 0:19
03_Intro_Guitar_T 0:19
04_Verse_Full_T 0:16
05_Verse_NoDrums_T 0:16
06_Verse_MelodyandClap_T 0:16
07_Chorus_Fullpt1_T 0:16
08_Chorus_Fullpt2_T 0:16
09_Chorus_NoKick_T 0:16
10_Chorus_Stripped_T 0:16
11_Groove_T 0:16
12_Break_T 0:16
13_Build_T 0:16

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VideoHive Collaboration

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