Glowing Lines Orchestral Logo

Glowing Lines Orchestral Logo

‘Glowing Lines Orchestra Logo’ is a motivational and uplifting symphonic orchestral logo.
It’s suitable as a logo, ident or opener for your company, your blog, for any kind of presentations or videos on your website, youtube, cinema or tv and any other application.

Four versions are included:
  • Long with SFX 0:16
    (including sound effects)
  • Long 0:16
    (without sound effects)
  • Shorter 0:15
    (shorter intro, with sound effects)
  • Shortest 0:13
    (even shorter, with sound effects)

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                This track is working great with this Video template from bilalmarri,
or for any other application.

                Glowing Particle Logo Reveal 8 from bilalmarri

                Glowing Particles Logo Reveal 19 from bilalmarri

                Glowing Particles Logo Reveal 22 : Golden Particles 06 from bilalmarri

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