Glockenspiel Play

Glockenspiel Play

This one is a very positive children’s song with ukulele, glockenspiel, acoustic guitars, bass and playful rhythm!

Use in any project to make some warm and cheerful atmosphere!

The “no lead” version and “loop version are included in the main file!

Versions included: 1:57/ 1:39 (no lead)/ 1:15/ 1:09/ 0:24 (loop)

acoustic, folk, glockenspiel, ukulele, shuffle, playful, upbeat, play, commercial, advertise

Two versions included in the main file:

  • Full version | duration 1:57
  • No lead version | duration 1:39
  • Short version | duration 1:15
  • Short version 2 | duration 1:09
  • loop version | duration 0:24

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Videohive authors: You are more than welcome to use my preview tracks in your projects! Thank you!  :grin:

High quality .wav and .mp3 files in the main file!

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