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Excellent stuff mate! This is really A-grade work in the trailer genre. Great job my friend and hope to see many sales for you on this one! :)

I appreciate it Jamie :)

Great one, my friend! Straight “in your face”!


Thanks Sound :)

Love this, especially the transition into the final section. Very epic indeed and I think a lot of potential customers will be looking for this sound right now. Good luck with sales! :D

Amazing stuff, great job!

Shockingly aaawesome!

Thanks man!

Excellent music my friend..!!

Thank you Laxman :)

That is great work man. Very good job! I put the link up.


Thank you Ugur :)

Thank you :) You keep it up as well!

Hi Sky-Productions! This is a incredible piece of work! However, I have a question. The distorted sound that fades in in the background at 0:21 & 0:29, what plugin do you use to create thoose? They sound amazing.

Hey man, I honestly don’t remember. If I open that session though anytime soon I will look ;) I try and not open old sessions for technical reasons.