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Dude, This is one of the COOLEST tracks out there!!!

Thanks so much, I’m very glad people like it :-D


Thank you! :-D

I just tried to purchase it but paypal would not work the page said to contact the merchant, can you help me buy the audio through paypal?

Hi there! Hm, I think paypal means you should contact Envato, since they’re the merchant here basically. I would suggest you contact “support@envato.com”, they will definitely help you out! Let me know if you find a solution for this. For more detailed and easier contact, please e-mail me through my profile page (click on my name and scroll down the portfolio page, at the bottom right there’s a form where you can contact the author). Thanks for showing interest in my music!



I really like your music and I’ve used it in my project here http://videohive.net/item/luxury-3d-logo-reveal-bundle/4707435


Very impressive work! I’m glad you used my music in this, thank you very much. I included your project in my item’s description, as well as my portfolio.


Really Nice! Great work, and thx a lot for your fast answer! Just bought it! :)

Means a lot to me – and I’m glad I could assist in this situation. Thank you!

So finally finished my Intro, here you can check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qS4VF12MeU :D

Awesome! Thanks for using my music on this. :-) Cheers

So simple and so beautiful. You inspire me._)))

Thanks John! :-)

Greate Work mate (Wraios Alki poly kali douleia 5 stars)

Euxaristw! Thanks a lot! Dynamic entry there, nice avatar, great first item, I’m sure you’ll do well here!

Take care! alkis.

By the way, thanks so much for the purchase! Just realized that. I appreciate the support!




Outstanding Work. I have a doubt, a regular licence is enough for using this audio for my youtube videos?


Akhil TellMeHowToBlog

Hello Akhil! Thanks for your kind words and your interest. Yes, regular license would be enough.

A real classic, man ! I was searching reviews for a specific laptop and stumbled across this great piece used on a youtube channel for tech reviews. Skip to 0:24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkbH3GmwTf4

Hey NikiN, thank you for the heads up and for your kind words, always good to hear from the Envato Team. :-)

I have a question: was this track the basis of “Humanizing Technology”? There are a ton of similarities between the aforementioned music and this track.

No but that’s true for Humanizing Technology and Floating Particles Logo. I tend to use some similar sounds when I’m doing digital/tech stuff (usually from scratch though, but still with a similar result).

Yeah I took a listen at Floating particles and it does seem to be too similar, in fact Now I’m certain that I mistook this track with Floating Particles when I asked.

Thanks for answering my question :)

It’s got similar instrumentation. Like any other genre out there. Thanks for listening, cheers.

Hi There

What an awesome track. Thank you. I by accident bought this song twice. I only downloaded it once. Can I get a refund on the duplicate? Sorry for the hassle but I am new to this website.

Of course! But unfortunately I can’t arrange any refunds. Can you please contact support@envato.com and let them know about your enquiry? Thanks so much for the support, I appreciate it!

Hi ive purchase both intro and music for my site (intro) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNd702eDSXI Do you have a longer version of the track im going to purhcase – http://videohive.net/item/simply-social-a-social-media-animation/698803?ref=ManuelGarciaPH but would need maybe a 30 /40 sec version of the track if possible? is this something you can do? Thank you and all the best. Scott

Hey Scott, of course, please message me through my profile page! Thanks!

Thank you, I really like this track!

Thank you so much for your purchase, I appreciate the support!

Like the logo!!! Very nice!!! :)

Thanks! Glad you like it!