Give Me It All

Give Me It All

A very powerful intensive track. As a gift with lyrics (my singing still in beta phase :) )
I tried it with some racing games, wasn’t bad.
Included files:
Instrumental track – 2:07
Track with lyrics – 2:07 (from 2:08 in this preview)
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A brand new life started last night
when I met You on the subway line
I froze as a car in a big black cold
just saw You from the row and missed my out

Forgot for a while where we are
now I’m in love as a cartoon star
The big bang boom, like a bomb my heart
You heard it all I know, ‘cause You’ve been frightened

I was surprised with you and since
I don’t care about my magazines
other pretty girls like a deadly corpse
I’m with feelings overdosed

You powered up my tiny heartbeats high
I hope you let me now it try
starting our life, happy feelings new
‘cause all I want is You

give me it all
it’s not enough what I have at this time
give me it all
I don’t stop till Your everything is mine