Getting Out Hold On

Getting Out Hold On

Getting Out is an Uplifting Pop/Dance song , featuring disco pulse, great synth lead, awesome vocals.

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You pull the trigger
and then you fake a smile
You’re on the lookout
You’re closer to the prize
I’ll lick my wounds now
and then I’ll start to crawl

And you can track me down
but I am not an easy prey, you’ll soon find out
that I won’t let you take my head and mount it on a wall
I’ll dodge your bullet

Hold on (x4)

I smell the powder
Got nowhere left to hide
I hold my breath now
I’m willing to survive
You don’t look hungry,
no, you don’t need my blood
you kill just for fun

World’s not a safe place for a believer
But I know I’ll be alright
And it’s a little tempting to surrender but I won’t
I’ll dodge your bullet

Hold on (x4)

(Hold On)
Here comes another, don’t make a sound
if you dodge this bullet, you’re getting out (x2)