Gentle Piano Pack

Gentle Piano Pack

Gentle Piano Pack is a music pack consisting of 4 soft, neoclassical, romantic piano-based tracks. This music is great for creative, inspiring, thoughtful visual media, romantic wedding, engagement videos, nature footage or light and uplifting film.

Main version of each piece are heard on the preview first, followed by all the bonus variations included. Click the titles below to purchase individual tracks.

1. Gentle Piano (2:10) [at the beginning of the preview]
2. Floating in the Moonlight (2:20) [starts at 2:08 on the preview]
3. Emotional Piano (2:36) [at 4:33 on the preview]
4. Piano (2:55) [at 7:07 on the preview]

Tracks descriptions and variations: Gentle Piano
Gentle Piano is a soft, warm, comforting cinematic music track. Three intertwining pianos and a touch of lush strings, this piece is loving, peaceful, caring and inspiring. Medium-slow tempo with constant floating movement and subtle, organic imperfection of natural piano performances. This music will work well for creating cozy, relaxing, smooth flow feeling in any type of media, from romantic wedding videos to serene nature footage. Additional short cues included will help you to flexibly establish or prolong the mood.

Variations included:
1. Main version (2:10)
2. Additional short cue 1 (0:23)
3. Additional short cue 2 (0:14)

Floating in the Moonlight
Intimate, gentle and romantic piece, it creates peaceful atmosphere, opens up an emotional space. Peaceful and non-intrusive the music track provides mellow, cozy background and at the same time beautiful melodic lines keep listener’s attention. Soothing piano, dreamy jazz guitar, vibraphone, layers of synths and subtle percussion. A mixture of cinematic, classical and chillout: space-filling and warm. Perfect for contemplative, romantic, entrancing scenes. Take a deep breath.

Emotional Piano
Emotional piano and strings, light, dreamy and inspiring piano piece. Romantic, beautiful, heart-warming, tender cinematic orchestral soundtrack. This soft, hopeful, touching melodic music track is perfect for inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting videos, wedding and romantic or valentine’s day media, charity campaigns, creativity and lifestyle projects and so on. Instruments: acoustic piano, violins, violas, cellos, basses, occasional subtle bells.

Variations included:
1. Main version (2:36)
2. Shorter edit (2:00)
3. Piano only short version (1:20)

“Piano” is a light, soft, warm, positive piece with three grand pianos interlacing together, creating rich harmonic textures. This track will help creating cozy, trusting, comfortable atmosphere.

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