Gentle Piano Kit

Gentle Piano Kit

Gentle Piano Kit - 1

This soft yet breath taking composition is perfect for videos that include with nature like forests, mountains, fields of wheat, the tides of the sea and whatever else your imagination can think of. If you have a sentimental piece of footage or need to add an inspiring soundtrack to your project, look no further than this track. It also fits scenes with animals, flyover shots, slow motion and time delayed footage, advertising and commercial uses. The soft pianos also accompany vocal tracks too, making thing a superb choice for your project. Great with or without voiceover, this is a versatile and powerful piece of music.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used piano, vibes, cello, violin, strings, pizz strings, fx.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro (0:04) Short, main mood based

02_Verse01_Piano (0:17) Theme 01 in piano

03_Verse02_Piano (0:17) Theme 02 in piano

04_Verse01_Piano_Cello (0:17) Theme 01 in piano and cello

05_Verse02_Piano_Cello (0:17) Theme 02 in piano and cello

06_Verse01_Violin (0:17) Theme 01 in violin

07_Verse02_Violin (0:17) Theme 02 in violin

08_Verse03_Piano_Violin (0:17) Theme 03 in piano and violin

09_Verse04_Piano_Violin (0:17) Theme 04 in piano and violin

10_Verse01_Cello_Violin (0:17) Theme 01 in cello and violin

11_Verse02_Cello_Violin (0:17) Theme 02 in cello and violin

12_Outro (0:17) Verse01 based

13_EndTone (0:06) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 3:26

Demo02_Short – 2:11

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.

Gentle Piano Kit - 3

The pictures below show the mood of the track.

Gentle Piano Kit - 4

Gentle Piano Kit - 5

Gentle Piano Kit - 6

Gentle Piano Kit - 7