Gamer: Techno music track, made by fast arpeggios, reverberant Sound Fxs and a compressed drum machine, very suitable for videogames and motions.

Monobeat Studio

Music use cases: Interactive Cds, Fashion advertising, video games, motion graphics, shows, trailers, commercial projects, publicity, flash presentation, business projects, spots, telecasts, podcasts, Logos & intros, slideshows, documentary, TV, Movies, web music background…

Music Styles: Jazz, electro, chill out, dance, ambient, fusion, instrumental, looped songs, cinematic, remixes, disco, trip-hop, corporate songs, orchestral,modern jazz, electronica, house, hip hop beats, cool tracks, music for fun.

Instruments: Piano, organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, synthesizer Nord Modular, sampler AKAI and audio software. Cinematic Hip Hop Groove – Hip Hop, Down Tempo, melodic
Zen Beats – Drum&Bass, Break Beat, Electronica
Master – Electronic Prodigy Style
Peters – Electronic Emotional
Frenchies Bossa Nova – Ambient, Down Tempo, Modern Jazz
Lamps – Ambient, Down Tempo
In Heaven – Ambient, Down Tempo
Chocolata Sexy – Latin music, guitar, percusion
Summer Voices – PoP, guitar
Samy Village – Break Beat
Secrets & Lies – Modern Jazz
Vintage Love – Cinematic (Romantic, Sentimental)
Green Orchestra – Cinematic (Romantic, Sentimental)
Minimal Groove – Minimal house tech music
Rovi Cofee – Sound Track

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