Game Sounds

Game Sounds

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If you will use Game Sounds in several project, please, see the multi-use license.

Game Sounds  is a powerful toolkit for easily designing the sound of classic mobile games. It features lots of high quality sounds for menu (click, appearance menu plate sound), points counter, explosion, achievement alerts and notifications (for win, collect and other). All sounds cute, short, soft and orderly.  

Game Sounds include:

Attainment (0:01)
Buy Item (0:01)
Click (0:01)
Jump (0:01)
Coins (0:01)
Countdown (0:01) (looped)
Collect Item (0:01)
Counting Scores (0:01) (loop)
Run (0:01) (looped)
Scores (0:01)
Sweep (0:01)
Tap (0:01)
Item Pick (0:01)
Scores Counting (0:01)
Bonus (0:01)
Button (0:01)
Window Open (0:01)
Triple Pop (0:01)
Diamond (0:01)
Time Up (0:01)
Hit (0:01)
Game Jump (0:01)
Plop (0:01)
Game Error (0:01)
Error (0:01)
Alarm (0:01)
Game Swoosh (0:01)
Land (0:01)
Wrong (0:01)
Laser (0:01)
Punch (0:01)
Lose (0:01)
Pick Up Item (0:01)
Win (0:01)