Game Actions Pack

Game Actions Pack

30 sound effects for games, broadcast design, advertising, etc.

The contents of the pack:

1. Game Actions-01: 0s 626ms

2. Game Actions-02: 1s 985ms

3. Game Actions-03: 2s 925ms

4. Game Actions-04: 2s 89ms

5. Game Actions-05: 1s 671ms

6. Game Actions-06: 1s 776ms

7. Game Actions-07: 1s 515ms

8. Game Actions-08: 1s 880ms

9. Game Actions-09: 0s 888ms

10. Game Actions-10: 1s 358ms

11. Game Actions-11: 2s 298ms

12. Game Actions-12: 2s 821ms

13. Game Actions-13: 1s 253ms

14. Game Actions-14: 1s 515ms

15. Game Actions-15: 1s 567ms

16. Game Actions-16: 1s 149ms

17. Game Actions-17: 1s 253ms

18. Game Actions-18: 1s 306ms

19. Game Actions-19: 2s 49ms

20. Game Actions-20: 2s 194ms

21. Game Actions-21: 2s 612ms

22. Game Actions-22: 2s 298ms

23. Game Actions-23: 2s 89ms

24. Game Actions-24: 0s 888ms

25. Game Actions-25: 0s 835ms

26. Game Actions-26: 1s 44ms

27. Game Actions-27: 1s 149ms

28. Game Actions-28: 0s 731ms

29. Game Actions-29: 2s 977ms

30. Game Actions-30: 1s 291ms

The total duration of the sound without pauses: 0m 50sec

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