Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music Pack

Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music Pack

Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music Pack - 1

For the passionate creators who challenge the ordinary to make a difference in the world, Epikton produces epic music that pushes boundaries in the cinematic experience, by differentiating key points of music-making to a level of its own mark.

There are 3 full tracks (variations included) in the pack.

1. Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music: 6:14

2. Futuristic Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Trailer: 6:30

3. Cyberpunk Electronic Hybrid Trailer: 5:40

Description 1 – Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music

This is one my fastest-selling track in Sci-Fi, Fantasy category. It’s a futuristic cyberpunk-themed, dramatic trailer music with hybrid sound design elements, powerful cinematic hits, and atmospheric ambient pads.

The general theme sounds just like classic science fiction music. It features a high-tech sounding synth with an optimistic and heroic melody.

After an atmospheric dreamy ambient intro, arp melodies begin with drums that accompany. In the middle part of the song, raging epic orchestral staccatos builds up excitement till the second break with pads and impacts.

Building up to outro with powerful drum kits and the choir at the end brings up the emotional essence of the song.

Ideal for cinematic trailers, cyberpunk video games, film soundtrack, documentaries about future, movie advertising, gaming soundtrack and science fiction themes.

The original title of the song is “Terraforming Mars”.

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This file includes 4 variations:

⦁Full Track – Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music: 3:30

⦁Variation 2 – Action Drums: 1:00

⦁Variation 3 – Ambient: 0:54

⦁Variation 4 – Strings Trailer: 0:50

Description 2 – Futuristic Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Trailer

This track is a cinematic hybrid trailer music with high energy, action-packed drum hits, hyped risers, futuristic sound design, and electronic synths.

The intro begins with mysterious atmospheric science fiction pads until the first buildup takes the mystery and add some clarity with high-tech industrial drum kits and synth arpeggiator. The buildup stops with a downer sound effect and releases tension. Powerful short drum hits take place for unexpected scenes.

The second buildup starts with an eq filtered rock guitar instrument playing a cool melody. Sudden impact hits mixes with braaam sounds.

The outro part is where everything unites in harmony for the last time to reach the climax of the story. Alarming sound effects blend in before the powerful finish before the second outro which is even higher in intensity.

This track is ideal for blockbuster movie trailers, video games, gaming broadcasts, and science fiction films.

The original title of the song is “Warp Drive”

This file includes 4 variations:

⦁Full Track – Futuristic Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Trailer: 2:52

⦁Variation 2 – Action Drums: 1:05

⦁Variation 3 – Braams Trailer: 2:17

⦁Variation 4 – Intro and Outro: 0:17

Description 3 – Cyberpunk Electronic Hybrid Trailer

This track is a cinematic epic hybrid trailer music with a futuristic sci-fi theme. It is powered by electronic synths, sound design, raging orchestral strings, hyped risers, big impact hits, and hybrid elements.

The intro features glitchy electronic drums and sound effects for cyberpunk scenes. Followed by rhythmic drum kits in a cool vibe. The buildup begins with futuristic synth arps and trance kicks in an electronic music structure.

Orchestral staccato strings join at the middle of the buildup and carry over to the first climax where the tension is released before dark atmospheric pads to take a glimpse of the massiveness of a future city. The general feeling of the track is technological advancement.

The outro is where classical orchestra and futuristic sound effects unite and celebrate the heroic fate of humanity. The crescendo ends with uncertainty and leaves questions.

Ideal for cinematic movie advertising, futuristic video games, and trailers in general.

The original title of the song is “Exoskeleton” by Epikton.

This file includes 5 variations:

⦁Full Track – Cyberpunk Electronic Hybrid Trailer: 2:36

⦁Variation 2 – Stacs Trailer: 0:36

⦁Variation 3 – Action Trailer: 0:52

⦁Variation 4 – Horns Trailer: 0:52

⦁Variation 5 – Cyberpunk Action: 0:32

What sets my music apart from others?

⦁Contains a story, so it’s memorable and exciting.

⦁Constantly moving forward, so it’s not repetitive.

⦁Daring, fresh and uncommon, so it’s unique and stands out.

⦁A great deal of automation process, so it’s alive and immersive.

⦁High dynamic volume range, so it’s easy on the ears.

⦁Intuitive editing points, so the music guides you, don’t interrupt you.

⦁Promises a powerful finish, so the audience will stick until the end.

You can visibly notice a difference in waveform smoothness that sounds natural instead of forced and squishy.

Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music Pack - 2

My point is not to make another generic music which countless of them are available everywhere. My passion is to hit every single box in features above and to make unique music in variety that gives you goosebumps.

After all, what is a better feeling than your audience asking for the name of the song in the comments?

By building trust over time and having strict work principles, I hope to connect with your business and help it to be more successful.

I strongly encourage you to visit my portfolio to give a chance to my other works. Wish you have a magical experience!

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Futuristic Sci-Fi Trailer Music Pack - 4

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Who is Epikton?

Epikton, a Turkish composer who produces epic music to connect with his audience. For him, music is a powerful commodity and means of expression, and with his work, he seeks to push the limits of this vein of expression and create music that makes others feel and experience emotion in deeper and more exciting ways.

Currently, his work can be found across most major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and, SoundCloud. He invites anyone interested to have a listen, and go on his musical journey with him. Learn more about Epikton at artist profile

For my awesome customers!

Thank you for your interest in my music! Feel free to send me a link to your project. I’d love to see how you’ve used my music. And, make sure to follow my profile to be the first to catch new releases before everyone else!


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