Futuristic Life Sound Pack

Futuristic Life Sound Pack

Futuristic Life Sound Pack – Miscellaneous sound effects perfect for games or science fiction projects!

Sounds like: impacts, explosions, vehicles, noises, signals, user interfaces and many more.

40 unique ready-to-use sound effects.
6 folders: Cosmic Life, Impacts and Explosions, Noises and Signals, User Interface and Vehicles.
All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).
Documentation (.pdf)

Cosmic Life

Flash Game SciFi Weapon Kit (0:10)
High 8 Shoots Reverse (0:01)
High 8 Shoots (0:01)
High Single Shoot Reverse (0:01)
High Single Shoot (0:01)
Low 8 Shoots Reverse (0:01)
Low 8 Shoots (0:01)
Low Single Shoot Reverse (0:01)
Low Single Shoot (0:01)
Mixed 8 Shoots (0:01)
Mixed Single Shoot (0:01)
Aliens Lifeform (0:09)
Cosmic Breath (0:05)
Gravitational Whoosh (0:02)
Magnetic Lazer Shot (0:01)
Robotic Lifeform (0:03)
Robotic Move (0:01)
Windy Shot (0:07)

Impacts and Explosions

Distant Explosions (0:24)
Distant Explosion Debris (0:07)
Distant Explosion Shards (0:08)
Distant Explosion Sub (0:08)
Blast Impact (0:06)
Guitarist Impact (0:01)
Reverb Drop (0:04)
Reverbate Noise Pop (0:04)
Robot Destruction (0:02)
Sub Drop (0:03)
Ultra Machinery Destruction Hit (0:04)
Windy Swoosh with Boom Impact (0:09)
Wobble Breakdown Sub Hit (0:02)

Noises and Signals

Censor Beep Signal Set (0:41)
Censor Beep Signal 200ms
Censor Beep Signal 300ms
Censor Beep Signal 400ms
Censor Beep Signal 500ms
Censor Beep Signal 600ms
Censor Beep Signal 700ms
Censor Beep Signal 800ms
Censor Beep Signal 900ms
Censor Beep Signal 1s
Censor Beep Signal 1.5s
Censor Beep Signal 2s
Censor Beep Signal 2.5s
Censor Beep Signal 3s
Censor Beep Signal 3.5s
Censor Beep Signal 4s
Censor Beep Signal 4.5s
Censor Beep Signal 5s
Censor Beep Signal 10s
TV Static Set (0:45)
TV Static Standard (0:15)
TV Static Standard Regulation (0:15)
TV Static Buzzy (0:15)
Cosmic Radio Tuner (0:48)
Digital Distortion (0:07)
Futuristic Spring Alarm (0:14)
Magnetic Field (0:16)

User Interface

Futuristic System Window (0:02)
System Open Window (0:01)
System Close Window (0:01)
Copying Data Confirmation (0:01)
Futuristic Zoom (0:01)
Glitch Loading Data (0:02)
Glitch Reading Data (0:02)
Interface Change View (0:01)
Modern Bleeper Downlifter (0:02)
Screen Turn On (0:01)
Screen Turn Off (0:01)
System Turn Off (0:01)
Zipper Downlifter (0:09)


Futuristic Vehicle Pass By (0:07)
Sonic Fly By (0:11)
Spaceship Gravity (0:58)
Spaceship Landing (0:06)
UFO Fly Away (0:12)