Future Pack

Future Pack

Future Pack

4 quality tracks for your projects. Good offer, buy best tracks cheaper  :)

1. 2:45 Future:

in Preview: 0:00 – 2:44

Song in cinematic style is perfect for documentaries. Abstract video presentations, timelapse, slow motion video, slideshows, presentations, sport and various promo clips.

2. 2:14 Natural Abstract:

in Preview: 2:45 – 4:49

Quality experimental abstract track for your media projects. Good for advertising, presentation, fashion show, promo, TV, YouTube content, business video, openers etc.

3. 1:53 Abstract Beauty:

Good abstract track for your media projects. Perfectly for advertising, YouTube videos, Vimeo, presentations, video clips and for all what you want. Good music for good projects!

in Preview: 5:00 – 6:52

4. 2:43 Emotional:

in Preview: 6:53 – 9:36

‘Emotional’ – Inspiration track with ambient guitars, synth, drums, glitch etc. Will perfect for presentation, YouTube content, slideshows, motion graphic etc

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24/7 support, you can always leave a mail about what you want to set (the length , remove any of the instruments or tone, to pause in a particular place or even what it will), and I will make the setting for you.