Future Bass

Future Bass

Upbeat and bright,this is an energetic Future Bass / Pop with the massive drop. This is catchy, commercial, uplifting and powerful Future Bass music track punchy and creative drums, vocal chops and inspiring Synth chords. Electro Pop elements and vocal samples that create an enthusiastic mood. Use it for the action sports video, promo or an advertisement that needs explosive energy and pressure.

You can buy this Item in “Music” https://audiojungle.net/item/future-bass/21860958 Gminor 145BPM

Demo tracks: In order of appearance in preview

Demo1 (2:17) (Original composition) Demo2 (0:31) Demo3 (0:57)

Sections no tails included:

01_Intro_Part1 (0:06)

02_Intro_Part2 (0:06)

03_Verse_Part1 (0:13)

04_Verse_Part2 (0:13)

05_BuildUp_Part1 (0:06)

06_BuildUp_Part2 (0:06)

07_Drop_Part1 (0:13)

08_Drop_Part2 (0:13)

09_Bridge_Part1 (0:13)

10_Bridge_Part2 (0:13)

11_Outro (0:13)

12_EndingHit (0:06)

Sections tails included:

01_Intro_Part1_T (0:13)

02_Intro_Part2_T (0:13)

03_Verse_Part1_T (0:19)

04_Verse_Part2_T (0:19)

05_BuildUp_Part1_T (0:13)

06_BuildUp_Part2_T (0:13)

07_Drop_Part1_T (0:19)

08_Drop_Part2_T (0:19)

09_Bridge_Part1_T (0:19)

10_Bridge_Part2_T (0:19)

11_Outro_T (0:19)

12_EndingHit_T (0:06)

Demo1 : Sections no Tails 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,07,11,12