Funny Whistle Kit

Funny Whistle Kit

For those productions where you need a positive feeling associated with the action on screen without it taking over, “Funny Whistle” fits the bill perfectly. Inspiring feelings of happiness, it is a great choice to accompany travel videos, animals and nature, presentations, product advertising, summer and winter adventures, fun family times and wedding videos. A warm and pleasurable audio track for your media project.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used real human whistle, glock, marimba, piano, ukulele, acoustic guitars and percussion.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Verse01_Bells (0:08) First theme in bells

02_Verse01_Whistle (0:08)First theme in whistle

03_Verse01_Whistle_Strings (0:08) First theme in whistle, background strings added

04_Verse01_Piano_Bells (0:08)First theme in piano and bells

05_Verse01_Piano_Bells_Marimba (0:08) First theme in piano, bells and marimba

06_Verse02_Marimba_NoPerc (0:08) Second theme in marimba, no percussion

07_Verse02_Whistle_Bells (0:08) Second theme in whistle and bells

08_Verse02_Whistle_Bells_Strings (0:08) Second theme in whistle, background strings added

09_Verse02_Piano_Bells (0:08) Second theme in piano and bells

10_Verse02_Whistle_Bells_Marimba_Piano (0:08) Second theme in whistle, bells, marimba and piano

11_Verse01_Whistle_Bells_NoPerc (0:08) First theme in whistle and bells, no percussion

12_Verse02_Bells_Marimba_NoPerc (0:08) Second theme in bells and marimba, no percussion

13_EndTone (0:03) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 1:39

Demo02_Long – 2:11