Funny Ukulele Kit

Funny Ukulele Kit

This is a light and airy acoustic track, perfect for narration over or on its own as an instrumental. Use this track when your project requires a beautiful and positive them. Ideal for clips featuring animals, light hearted comedy, commercials and infomercials, college and business presentations and much more. Guaranteed to add a layer of pleasure to your multimedia project! Track good for voiceover.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used ukuleles, celesta, marimba, claps, piano, real human whistle, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, strings, bass, drums and percussion.

01_Intro01 (0:10) Based on main mood

02_Intro02 (0:10) Based on Verse02

03_Verse01_Glock (0:10) Theme 01 in glockenspiel

04_Verse02_Piano (0:10) Theme 02 in piano

05_Verse01_Piano (0:10) Theme 01 in piano

06_Verse03_Piano_Glock_NoDrums (0:10) Theme 03 in piano and glockenspiel, no drums

07_Verse04_Glock_NoDrums_NoBass (0:10) Theme 04 in glockenspiel, no drums, no bass

08_Verse03_Piano_Glock (0:10) Theme 03 in piano and glockenspiel

09_Verse04_Piano_Glock (0:10) Theme 04 in piano and glockenspiel

10_Verse02_Piano_Glock (0:10) Theme 02 in piano and glockenspiel

11_Verse03_Piano_Glock_NoBass (0:10) Theme 03 in piano and glockenspiel, no bass

12_Verse01_Glock_Whistle (0:10) Theme 01 in glockenspiel and whistle

13_Verse01_Piano_Whistle (0:10) Theme 01 in piano and whistle

14_Verse04_Glock_Whistle_NoDrums_NoBass (0:10) Theme 04 in glockenspiel and whistle, no drums, no bass

15_Verse04_Piano_Glock_Whistle (0:10) Theme 04 in piano, glockenspiel and whistle

16_Verse02_Piano_Glock_Whistle (0:10) Theme 02 in piano, glockenspiel and whistle

17_Verse03_Piano_Glock_Whistle_NoBass (0:10) Theme 03 in piano, glockenspiel and whistle, no bass

18_EndTone (0:04) A brief description of this section

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 3:09

Demo02_Short – 1:31

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.