Funny Pack

Funny Pack

A bundle of 3 fun and upbeat comedy songs! These animated songs are perfect for kids videos, funny cartoons, playful commercials, kids games, cats and dogs videos, quirky pets, fun kids parties, family home videos, outdoor adventures, and much more!!

Songs included:

1. Funny (4 versions included)
Featuring a catchy whistle, upbeat ukuleles, acoustic guitars, unique percussion, happy claps, and a jazzy horn section…this song will bring a smile to your face!

Included Versions of “Funny”:

  • Funny (Full Length Version) – 2:17
  • Funny (Full Length Instrumental Version) – 2:15
  • Funny (50 Second Version) – 0:50
  • Funny (30 Second Version) – 0:30

  • 2. Comedy Detective (5 versions included)
    A funny and quirky jazz song that’s perfect for cartoons, commercials, games, comedy, suspense, action, and adventure! It’s playful and fun with a bit of an edge!

    Included Versions of “Comedy Detective“:

  • Comedy Detective (Full Version) – 1:30
  • Comedy Detective (Underscore Version) – 1:30
  • Comedy Detective (60 Second Version) – 1:00
  • Comedy Detective (30 Second Version) – 0:30
  • Comedy Detective (15 Second Version) – 0:15

  • 3. Doo-Wop (4 versions included)
    An upbeat and energetic rockabilly song featuring animated male doo-wop vocals, jazzy piano riffs, electric guitars, and snappy percussion!! This song will make you want to get up and dance!

    Included Versions of “Doo-Wop“:

  • Doo-Wop (Full Length Version) – 2:40
  • Doo-Wop (Full Length Instrumental Version) – 2:40
  • Doo-Wop (40 Second Version) – 0:40
  • Doo-Wop (40 Second Instrumental Version) – 0:40

  • WAV and MP3 versions of all songs are included.  photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png photo happyface-portfolio-final_zpspl5kst1c.png photo happyface-best-sellers-final_zps2m8vosbu.png photo happyface-similar-songs-final_zpsyqsatvk7.png photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png  photo follow-happy-face-final_zps8zvtu7oj.png photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png Funny Pack - 1