Funny and Happy Pack 3

Funny and Happy Pack 3

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Funny and Happy Pack 3

It’s a perfect pack for videos, commercials, positive projects, presentations, videos, photo slideshows, websites, slide shows, and more.

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Track 1 – Upbeat 2:06 Preview at 0:00

1- Upbeat Full Track (2:06)

2- Upbeat Without Ukulele Melody (2:06)

3- Upbeat Short Version 1 (1:06)

4- Upbeat Short Version 2 (0:44)

(All tracks .WAV and .mp3)

Track 2 – Big Fun 2:13 Preview at 2:06

1- Big Fun Full Track (2:13)

2- Big Fun Short Version 1 (0:58)

3- Big Fun Short Version 2 (0:43)

4- Big Fun Short Version 3 (0:27)

(All tracks .WAV and .mp3)

Track 3 – Happy Life 2:16 Preview at 4:19

1- Happy Life (2:16)

2- Happy Life No Melody (2:16)

3- Happy Life Short Version 1 (0:55)

4- Happy Life Short Version 2 (0:26)

(All tracks .WAV and .mp3)

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