Funk Pack 2

Funk Pack 2

Check it out my first funky collection Upbeat Funky Pack !

Funk Pack 2

This is second music collection of songs contains of my funky music tracks!

  • The Funk
  • Upbeat Funk
  • Funk

The Funk (3 versions)

The Funk is a groovy, strong, modern, positive and energetic background royalty free funk music track with funky guitars, synth bass and dirty drum groove with hand claps snare, percussion and a little bit of brass! Available 3 versions:

  • The Funk – 2:06
  • The Funk Minus (without voice sample) – 2:05
  • The Funk Short – 1:05

Upbeat Funk (5 versions):

Upbeat Funk is a bright and uplifting, positive, background funky track with funky guitars, upbeat drum groove, catchy brass section and a little bit of sax!

Available 5 versions:

  • Upbeat Funk – 2:04
  • Upbeat Funk Short 1 – 1:04
  • Upbeat Funk Short 2 – 0:29
  • Upbeat Funk Short 3 – 1:30
  • Upbeat Funk Minus (without brass) – 2:04


Funk is a simple, smooth, background royalty free funky music track with funky guitars, calm drum groove with percussion, and a little bit of brass! Instruments: drums, percussion, live bass, guitars, rodas, brass.

Funk – 2:07

To my fellow VideoHive authors! Feel free to use any of the tracks you like for your projects!

You can download the preview and just add music credits in the description: Music by: Kirvi “Track title”. Finally, drop me a line, so I can promote it on my profile and social media. Cheers!