Funk Jazz Lounge Pack

Funk Jazz Lounge Pack

Funk Jazz Lounge Pack – its funk and lounge jazz music pack with 3 tracks. Great for any lounge, chill and upbeat video projects.


  • 1.Casino Funk
  • Casino Funk Its modern lounge, funk music track with electric guitars, horns, strings, groovy drums, upright bass. Cool and Groovy Funk score. Live Contrabass with funky percussion’s and Rhodes keys. Very funky and cool, great for lounge, gambling, cool detective, mystery, Hotel Casino, las vegas videos, jazz , luxury, restaurants, hotels, cafe, entertainment centers and more.

    If you need other version, remove or add another instruments or timing of this track just contact me via email..

    Ttrack List:
  • Casino Funk – Main [2:25]
  • Casino Funk – Short [0:53] (Starts at 2:26 in preview file)
  • Casino Funk – Short Light [1:39] (Starts at 3:20 in preview file)
  • Casino Funk – Short 2 [1:39] (Starts at 5:00 in preview file)
  • Casino Funk – Loop [0:46] (Starts at 6:40 in preview file)
  • 2.Jazz Lounge
  • (Start at 2:26 in preview file) Jazz Lounge Its calm, easy listening jazz, lounge, chill music with acoustic guitars and rhodes melody in the background. Good for any background videos .

    Mood: Calm, relaxing, sensetive, positive, successful, jazzy, chill, thoughtful, .

    Great for: Advertising, background, commercial, promotion, vlog and blog, shopping, cooking, presentations, slideshow, footage, tv advertising, old fashion videos and much more!

  • 3.Summer Funk Upbeat
  • (Start at 4:45 in preview file) Summer Funk Upbeat – Its modern, energetic, upbeat, funk pop music with summer mood, electronics instruments like drums, synth and SFX, horns. Very positive and lucky summer mood. Percussion making it more mobile and jumpy.

    Mood: Uplifting, upbeat, happy, successful, inspirational, happy, optimistic, positive, dancing, mobile, jumpy.

    Great for: advertising, background, business and commercial promotion, yutube, corporate, inspirational, motivational video projects. Also good for any other promotional, commercial, tutorials, explainers, presentations, video presentations, achievement videos, street videos, interviews and much more.

    Ttrack List:
  • Summer Funk Upbeat – Main [2:12]
  • Summer Funk Upbeat – Short [1:16] (Starts at 2:13 in preview file)
  • Summer Funk Upbeat1 Minute [0:52] (Starts at 3:30 in preview file)
  • Summer Funk Upbeat30 Seconds [0:28] (Starts at 4:22 in preview file)
  • Summer Funk Upbeat - Loop [1:28] (Starts at 4:51 in preview file)
  • Funk Jazz Lounge Pack - 1