Fun Night Pop Rock Kit

Fun Night Pop Rock Kit

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About This Track

An upbeat, fun, indie pop dance rock track. “Fun Night Pop Rock” is infectiously catchy and fun song with dancy drums, bass, synths, and guitars. This song feels like those nights out with your best friends that you never forget.

“Fun Night Pop Rock” has a versatile feel that’s great for a number of different projects.

This package comes with extremely customizable sections:
01. Intro
02. Intro with Bass
03. Intro with Synth
04. Verse
05. Verse No Crash
06. Verse Build
07. Chorus Drum Ending 1
08. Chorus Drum Ending 2
09. Chorus Drum Ending 3
10. Chorus Drum Ending 4
11. Chorus with Claps 1
12. Chorus with Claps 2
13. Chorus with Claps 3
14. Bridge
15. Bridge with Build
16. Ending
17. Ending No Drums
18. Ending with Synth

This kit also includes the following pre-made demos:
Demo 1 [2:16] (Preview at 0:00 – 2:16)
Demo 2 [1:38] (Preview at 2:18 – 3:55)
Demo 3 [0:53] (Preview at 3:58 – 4:51)

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