French Waltz Pack

French Waltz Pack

Pack of four music items in french waltz style mainly with accordion in the main role. One of them is french waltz in guitar version (french gypsy style).

  • Use of this music is multipurpose – from retro or romantic themed commercials to shorter videos, movies or collections.

Accordion Waltz:

Great, energetic and dynamic frech waltz!

  • With sounds of accordion, glockenspiel, guitar bass and drums you can make energetic, romantic or funny atmosphere in your videos, movies, podcasts, presentations, commercials and advertisements.

Two versions included in the main file:

  • Full version | duration 2:39 | 0:00 in the preview
  • Drumless version | duration 2:39 | 2:41 in the preview
  • Short version | duration 1:41 | 5:22 in the preview
  • Short drumless version | duration 1:41 | 7:06 in the preview

Guitar French Waltz:

Beautiful, romantic smooth french waltz with swing feeling! Only Acoustic guitars and bass used in this track!

  • Perfect for all your projects with romantic calm or successful or incoming Valentine’s day’s atmosphere! Perfect for your collection, presentation, video or movie!

Two versions included in the main file:

  • Edit 1 | Full version | duration 2:03 | 8:50 in the preview
  • Edit 2 | intro less version | duration 1:56 | 10:55 in the preview

French Waltz:

Great accordion music item! Accordion, glockenspiel and acoustic accompanying band!

Two versions are included in the main file:

  • version 1 | only accordions and glockenspiel included | duration 2:52 | 12:53 in the preview
  • version 2 | all band with accordions and glockenspiel | duration 2:52 | 15:48 in the preview

Romantic Accordion Waltz:

Beautiful Romantic and sentimental accordion music item. Nice sound of real accordion from the very beginning which continuos with whole band to the end.
  • duration 2:10 | 18:42 in the preview

Videohive authors: You are more than welcome to use my preview tracks in your projects! Thank you! :grin:

High quality .wav and .mp3 files in the main file!

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