French Guitar Jazz

French Guitar Jazz

THE BEST SELLING JAZZ TRACK ON AUDIOJUNGLE: PRO quality light and jolly, upbeat jazz, for licensing. This track has been used on TV adverts, cookery shows, corporate videos and fashion articles across the globe. This track owes its success the French/Gypsy jazz influences, which are executed in a more light and modern way, enhancing the appeal for the audience of today.

This happy, upbeat, carefree music, uses real acoustic nylon strung guitars, complimented by light jazz drums, and upright bass. It conveys a passion for life, fun, food, wine, romance, and will instantly lend character to your visuals.

1.The original “French Guitar Jazz”: 1:29
2. New version “French Guitar Jazz V2” which has an extended and improved ending, harmony guitar lines, new melodies on the chorus, and a fresh sounding mix: 1:44
3. Variation of new full track:”French Guitar Jazz V2 Old Vinyl”, produced to sound scratched, muffled and slightly distorted like an old 78 rpm record. 1:44
4. “French Guitar Jazz V2 Verse Loop”: a perfectly loopable verse section from the new version, minus the guitar melodies, designed to be used to extend the track indefinately for when the track needs to continue quietly in the background etc: 0:21
5. “French Guitar Jazz V2 Verse Loop Old Vinyl” as above but produced to sound like a scratchy 78 rpm record.

All files come as high quality wav and mp3.

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