Freedom Uplifting Gospel Rock

Freedom Uplifting Gospel Rock

Freedom Uplifting Gospel Rock


“Freedom Uplifting Gospel Rock” is a joyful, motivational, uplifting, inspiring pop rock music.

     5 versions and Preview

5 versions are included Instrumental, Short and Loop versions in the zip file (WAV and MP3 files)

     Freedom Uplifting Gospel Rock

1. version:   Main Track (3:01)
2. version:   Instrumental (without Vocal) (2:58) – in the preview start at 3:01
3. version:   2 min – Short 1 (2:06)   - start at 5:59
4. version:   1 min – Short 2 (1:02)    – start at 8:05
5. version:   Loop (0:21)   - start at 9:07

     Moods and Style

Life enhancing…

Positive, and catchy solo female vocal with joyfull, hopeful Gospel Choir,
rythmic and bright acoustic guitar with melodic electric guitar, and american style dobro,
funny drums with tambourine and powerful hand claps…

     Used Instruments and Vocals

Female Solo and Back Vocals (Ohs, Whoas) (optional)
Gospel Choir (Ahs, Ohs, Oos, Whoas, Whoos) (optional) (“Version 2” is instrumental)
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
Electric Bass
Drums, Tambourine and Hand claps

     Technical info

Tempo: 90 BPM
Signature: 4/4
Key: E

     Suggested Uses

This music and its versions are great for:

- Joyful videos about friendship or peace,
- Christmas, holiday or summer project, inspirational video,
- Motivational background, corporate presentation, advertising,
- Travel movie, website, development, timelapse,
- YouTube video, wedding or sports video, vlog, slideshow,
- Documentary project, TV or radio advert,
- Holiday and Vacation video, Documentary soundtrack,
- Commercial, promotional video, Dance competitions,
- Advertising, tutorial, montage, 3d video production,
- Opener or any uplifting and background presentation,
- Podcast, social media marketing, viral marketing campaign,
- Videohive preview, mobile phone app, theme tune,
- Movie soundtrack, gospel video, cinematic project,   and so much more!

     About music arrangement

+ This music track and versions are composed, arranged by Engin Bayrak.
+ Orchestration is made by Engin Bayrak with his instruments and licensed virtual instruments in his own studio.

     * For other versions, please contact.

     YouTube – Content ID

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     Comments and Ratings

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