For Business - 1

Marketing, Business Strategy, Business Advertising, Creative Business

Premium inspiring background music for your next business project! Motivational and happy mood, exciting positive and upbeat uplifting sound. This corporate tune is perfect choice for presentation, corporate explainer, tutorial, educational, infographic about achievements in business industry with an atmosphere of confidence and success!

Gain your success with this premium-quality tune!

For Business - 2

3 versions are included for maximum flexibility:
  1. Marketing (2:09)
  2. Marketing (short) (1:00)
  3. Marketing (logo) (0:13)

Sounds great in:Viral marketing, TV, advertisement, commercial, presentation, slideshow, party, travel video, winter holiday, corporate video, motion, animation, youtube background, positive party, inspirational film, motivational video, teen, adventure, commercial, radio, TV, web, news, podcast background, game competition, and other different projects with calm and positive background music.
Includes wav & mp3

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