Film Series Opening Pack

Film Series Opening Pack

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Film Series Opening Pack - 1 About Item:
A pack consisting of very bright and memorable short music compositions of high premium quality, written specifically for the opening video for films, television shows, and series. Film Series Opening Pack - 2 Pack Content:
I. Adventure Movie Opening
The atmospheric and cinematographic music. Perfect for a short video or a cut scene where something epic (fantasy, adventure, discover, action, battle) and tense begins. Box office hits such as Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, The Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean, among a slew of others, have established this type of movie and made it a verifiable success among both young and old. If you want to get your feet wet in the ‘Fantasy Movie’ puddle and take your spectators for a magical trip, make use of ‘Epic Fantasy Trailer’ in your audiovisual projects.

  1. Track 1 (with male choir phrases) – 0:49
  2. Track 2 (with female choir phrases) – 0:49
  3. Logo 1 – 0:10
  4. Logo 2 – 0:10
  5. Logo 3 – 0:10
II. Thriller Opening Title Sequence
Intense cinematic music featuring piano, orchestra, epic, and industrial percussion with hybrid synths. Suitable as thriller trailer music, hybrid trailer music, noir trailer music, noir opening, noir opener, noir intro, mystic trailer music, mystic opening, mystic opener, mystic intro, action opening, action opener, action intro, thriller opening, thriller opener, thriller intro, tv-series trailer music, tv series-opening, tv-series opener, tv-series intro, tension opening, tension opener, tension intro, intense opening, intense opener, intense intro, tension trailer music, heroic trailer music, action trailer music, Detective story, criminal story, a criminal investigation, detective investigation. epic trailer music, cinematic opening, cinematic opener, cinematic intro, dramatic opening, dramatic opener, dramatic intro, cinematic trailer music, dramatic trailer music, and teaser for all these genres.
  1. Intense Opening (full – with melody) – 1:06
  2. Intense Opening (full – without melody) – 1:06
  3. Intense Opening (short – with melody) – 0:22
  4. Intense Opening (short – without melody) – 0:22
III. Fairytale Dark Film Opening
Fantasy movie opening title intro. Mysterious mystical music with a magical mood. Perfect for an intro movie in the style of fantasy with a dragon, a wizard, a magician, a demon, ancient gods, brave knights, parallel worlds, a dark prediction.
  • Orchestral Version – 0:58
  • Only Piano Version – 0:58

Film Series Opening Pack - 3 Prices:

  • Standard License – $35
  • Music Broadcast License (1 Million) – $79
  • Music Mass Reproduction License – $149
  • Music Broadcast License (10 Million) – $299
  • Music Broadcast & Film License – $599
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