Feeling Good

Feeling Good

A collaboration between YUAR and SOUNDROLL


Bright and happy acoustic pop song with female vocals, live guitars, “vintage” sounding bass and drums.


1. Awakened by the morning sun
The new day have just begun
Through the open window
Warm and gentle wind
Invites you to take a walk

You’re walking down the sunny street
Humming moving to the beat
Of the happy song
From your headphones
Passing block by block

Feeling good with no reason
Free your soul from the prison
Leave behind useless ado

Sun is shining so bright
Everything is alright
The whole world is smiling to you

2. Lay down beneath the shady tree
Evoke the pleasant memories…
In the shape of the clouds
What can you see?
Bunny or fairy elf?

Remember your childhood dream
Perfect, shiny and agleam
Start to do all those things
You wanted to do
And you’ll find yourself…

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