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Amazing work, guys! prosto super!:)

Thanks, Alex!

Thank you Alexey!

Light, pleasant track :)

Amazing!!! I like it :)

Thanks, guys!

I like it friend! and the vocal also nice. :)


This is really nice, excellent sounding mix!


Coooooool ! again i enjoyed man . u r Great


Great song. With the extended license, can I get both the instrumental as well as an a cappella of the vocals?

Hi, replied via soundcloud.

Awesome work, my girlfriend really likes it

Awesome work, my girlfriend really likes it :)


Hey, does this song pack come with a non vocal version?

OMG, thank you! Probably this will be the song. A pretty one by the way. Thank you again.

no problem!

I really like this song and I’d like to add it to my mp3 player, but isn’t 19 USD a little bit much for personal use of one song?

Thanks for the feedback, the music here is not for personal listening, but for video projects, apps, commercials etc.

So, there’s no cheaper way to get it for listening? It’s a pity =(

Sorry, not now

mmm … I rejoice such a music!)

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a lovely track! Great job :)


i love this music ! i’d love to use this to preview video

Thanks for the comment! You can use the mp3 preview in your video preview for sure.