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Feeling Good Pack

Feeling Good Pack

No matter how big is your project – it always deserve professional work!

Very posite acoustic pack with Acoustic guitars, ukulele, electric guitars, piano and more … this pack is build to give you good mood and smile on your face :)

Perfect for any commercial videos, advertising, summer videos, family photoalbums, media, tv, radio and many other …


To Know You Better – 2:28 (0:00 – 2:28 – in Preview)

Modern and positive acoustic song with Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Ukulele, bass, hammond organ and straight drums.

5 versions included:

  • Full (dur. 2:28)
  • Edit 01 (dur. 0:46)
  • Edit 02 (dur. 0:35)
  • Full – No Ukulele (dur. 2:28)
  • Edit 01 – No Ukulele (dur. 0:47)

Everything Is Fine – 1:42 (2:28 – 4:09 – in Preview)

Acoustic tune in the style of “Oasis” with acoustic guitar, drums, cello, strings, electric gutars and bass …

Summer Night Piano Dreaming – 2:12 (4:09 – 6:21 – in Preview)

Very easy listening and positive piano song with acoustic guitar, strings, bass and drums …

Thank you for listening and if you purchase, please rate this pack. * * * * *

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