Fashion Show Kit

Fashion Show Kit

What is a MUSIC KITS?

Music Kits are a more flexible, production ready music offering that provides fully produced music tracks in an easy to work with, modular way. Where typical music items are fixed length tracks, Music Kits are provided as separate drag-and-drop song sections built to provide natural musical transitions and endings that can be arranged seamlessly on a project timeline, with no additional mixing, editing, or crossfading required. If you want to learn more about Music Kits on Audiojungle, please click HERE!

MUSIC KIT Description

“Fashion Show” is a groovy, rhythmic and fashionable music. Featured warm rhodes, strumming disco guitar, bass guitar, staccato violin, synth pluck lead, acoustic guitar, house drums and percussion. Perfect for fashion videos and shows, fashionable events and parties, luxury brand presentations, etc. Link to my original track on AudioJungle: Fashion Show Tempo: 126 BPM

A LIST and BRIEF DESCRIPTION of all of the included sections

“Fashion Show” has a song sections:
  • Intro
  • Verse1
  • PreChorus1
  • Chorus
  • Break
  • Verse2
  • PreChorus2
  • Chorus2
  • Outro
  • FinalChord
So, after your purchase you’ll got this files:
  • 01_Intro.wav (Duration 0:15) – The beginning with drums, rhodes, bass guitar and fxs
  • 02_Intro_NoBass.wav (Duration 0:15) – The same section, but without bass guitar. It should be useful
  • 03_Intro_NoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – The same section with drums, rhodes, bass guitar BUT without fxs
  • 04_Verse.wav (Duration 0:15) – The main section of the first verse. The funky guitar comes in
  • 05_Verse_NoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) -The same section, but without fxs
  • 06_PreChorus1.wav (Duration 0:15) – Palm mute guitar and violins comes in
  • 07_PreChorus1_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:15) – The same section but without palm mute guitar
  • 08_PreChorus1_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without palm mute guitar and fxs
  • 09_Chorus.wav (Duration 0:15) – The main section of the first chorus. The synth and acoustic guitar comes in
  • 10_Chorus_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:15) – The same chorus, but without palm mute guitar and synth
  • 11_Chorus_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without palm mute guitar, synth and fxs
  • 12_Break.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without kick drum
  • 13_Break_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without kick and synth
  • 14_Break_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without kick, synth and fxs
  • 15_Verse2.wav (Duration 0:15) – The second verse of “Fashion Show”. Palm mute guitar with other guys comes in again.
  • 16_Verse2_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:15) – The second verse without palm mute guitar
  • 17_Verse2_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without palm mute and fxs
  • 18_PreChorus2.wav (Duration 0:15) – Staccato Strings comes in.
  • 19_PreChorus2_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:15) – The same as a 04_Chorus_NoMelody.wav, but without a funky guitar
  • 20_PreChorus2_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – No fxs
  • 21_Chorus2.wav (Duration 0:30) – Coda of the “Fashion Show”
  • 22_Chorus2_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:30) – No main melodies here.
  • 23_Chorus2_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:30) – No fxs again
  • 24_Outro.wav (Duration 0:15) – The final 16-bars
  • 25_Outro_NoMelody.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without melody
  • 26_Outro_NoMelodyNoFX.wav (Duration 0:15) – Without melody and fxs
  • 27_FinalChord.wav (Duration 0:03)
All this sections are available as NoTails and Tails version in seperated folders! There are also THREE Demo Tracks:
  • Demo1_AllMainSections.wav
  • Demo2_ShortBackgroundVersion.wav
  • Demo2_ShortBackgroundVersionWithFX.wav
Demo track were built using the following sequences! I included a .rpp file (REAPER Project File) to show how i made this demo tracks.

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