Explainer Background

Explainer Background

Explainer Background

Inspiring and uplifting corporate track, with an upbeat and positive mood ( 4 Versions Included ), perfect for optimistic and motivating moods, suitable for infographic videos and video training, uplifting corporate presentation and innovative technologic documentaries, background music for voiceover and explainers videos .

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Inside the Pack

1. Explainer Background – Full version (2:43) // Also included in this Music Pack
2. Explainer Background – Short version (1:10), starts at 2:43 on preview
3. Explainer Background – Short version (1:10), starts at 3:53 on preview
4. Explainer Background – Short version (0:39), starts at 5:02 on preview

Full quality WAVE (16bits 44.1kHz) and High quality Mp3 (320 kbps) included.

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