The song is a collaboration between YUAR and SOUNDROLL


This is a triumphant, expansive and pompous Olympic Anthem / Hymn written specially for the upcoming Sochi 2014 Olympic winter games. The song features female vocals / choir.
The instruments are playing in the song: piano, orchestra (string and brass sections, horns), electric guitars, timpani rolls.
The instrumental version can be used in any corporate video, because of the positive and uplifting mood of the song.


The instrumental version is included.
00:00-02:52 – Full Vesrsion with Vocals (duration 2:52)
02:53-05:45 – Instrumental version (duration 2:52)


Excelsior! Excelsior!
Across the seas along the shores
Above the hills around the lands
Our voice for freedom firmly stands

For every soul for every man
There is a need to understand
The world is one and whole place
There is a bliss in every race

In every language this is told
We learn to keep the fragile world
To bring each other joy and love
To feel the heaven smile above

Our souls are pure our hearts are true
Our joy is shining bright for you
Sing now with us o planet earth
The bliss of the whole universe

On the water on the ground
In the sky we sing out loud
Love and joy and all the colors
Come together to our house
Every boy and every girl
See the universe unfold
All its secrets all its wonders
All its beauties all its marvels
Ever plenty ever more
Sing with us excelsior

in every language this is told
we learn to keep the fragile world
to bring each other joy and love
to feel the heaven smile above

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