Every Dog Has Its Day

Every Dog Has Its Day

We all know that business life doesn’t always go right, but with music by Andy Slatter, you can’t go wrong!

“Every Dog Has Its Day”, or so the saying goes. This phrase is recorded as being first uttered by Queen Elizabeth I, no less! Although, apparently she was merely quoting a proverb which was already well known in her day.

It means everyone gets a chance eventually; or that everyone is successful during some period in their life.

That’s the mood that I’ve encapsulated in this track!

Jazzy ukulele chords are combined with a cool walking bass line on upright bass, finger snaps, hand claps, laid back jazz drums, the occasional burst of kazoo, and a bright, optimistic, and romantic sounding melody played on ukulele, which is joined by real human whistling, and glockenspiel, and adding a slightly French/Gypsy Jazz feel.

The mood of the track is happy, positive, and optimistic, evoking the feeling that by working together, we can achieve success, the feeling that all will come good in the end, the feeling that although there are challenges in life, we can be confident that we can rise to them, because everything is going just fine!

For your convenience, and to provide maximum usability, I have included some extra mixes and loops in the zip.

The zip contains:

1. Full track: 1:28 (0:00-1:28 on preview) (wav and mp3)
2. Full track (but without whistles or kazoo): 1:28 (1:28-2:56 on preview) (wav and mp3)
3.Basic verse loop (first verse, but just bass, uke chords, and finger snaps): 0:32 (2:56-3:28 on preview) wav
4. Chorus loop: 0:16 (as heard in the full track, at 0:32-0:48 on the preview) wav
5. Final verse and ending: 0:40 (as heard in the full track, at 0:48-1:28 on the preview) (wav and mp3)

These extra files give you the flexibility to extend the track to your desired length, and add the ending. All sections of the track are loop ready, so you could edit them further in a DAW/audio editor set to a tempo of 120 bpm.

If you need further edits, please get in touch.

Buyers: Please take the time to rate this track, this will help me greatly! If you would be willing to let me know how you have used the track, I’m always interested, just use the contact form to let me know!

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