Escape Room Game Music Pack

Escape Room Game Music Pack

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The Worlds 1st dedicated Escape Room Music Pack!

This music pack has been designed for Live Escape Games aka. Exit Rooms. It contains eight HQ cinematic soundtracks including a bonus track for use in advertising or video trailers. The included music covers all phases in the sequence of your escape room.

Files included in this Music Pack (each wav and mp3):

  • 01 Quiet Before the Storm (2:38) preview at 0:00 (Buy Solo)
  • 02 Epic Adventure Trailer (2:19) preview at 2:39 (Buy Solo)
  • 03 Lost in a new World (3:41) preview at 4:58 (Buy Solo)
  • 04 Evil Action Trailer (2:09) preview at 8:19 (Buy Solo)
  • 05 Thrilling Action Soundtrack (2:47) preview at 10:30 (Buy Solo)
  • 06 Our greatest Adventure (4:02) preview at 13:18 (Buy Solo)
  • 07 Under Pressure of Time (3:26) preview at 17:21 (Buy Solo)
  • Bonus: Mysterious Action Trailer (2:58) preview at 20:48 (Buy Solo)

What music license do I need for my Exit Room Game?

Since the music standard license is meant for web use, we propose to purchase the Broadcast 1 Million license for your Live Escape Game. For this music pack you will not need to pay any performing rights organisations as Ascap, Gema, Socam, etc.

How to use the Escape Room Music Pack

The best way to work with the soundtracks in this pack is to have them in a playlist with track repeat enabled. So the game supervisor is able to switch to the next song whenever players reach a certain point in the game. As a simple alternative you may create an automated playlist with a fixed sequence of the music pieces. [read more]

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