Epical Cinematic Inspiring Kit

Epical Cinematic Inspiring Kit


Epical Cinematic Inspiring Kit - 1 Epical Cinematic Inspiring – cinematic trailer for your epical video project. Main genre by hollywood epic cinematic, action epic background, dramatic epic soundtrack, epicness inspirational music and motivational epic trailer. Perfect for cinematic slideshow, dramatic video, powerful presentation, epic montage and cinematic opener. Beautiful strings and deep warm piano creates hopeful inspirational mood. Orchestral brass creates adventure and motivational sound, and powerful percussion with deep hybrid bass creates action and motivational mood, and beautiful choir and female voice.
Epical Cinematic Inspiring Kit - 2

Original Track:
Epical Cinematic Inspiring

List of tracks that included in this kit:

  • 01_Intro1 (0:18)
  • 02_Intro2 (0:18)
  • 03_Main1 (0:18)
  • 04_Main2 (0:18)
  • 05_Bridge (0:18)
  • 06_Main3 (0:18)
  • 07_Main4 (0:18)
  • 08_Main5 (0:18)
  • 09_Main6 (0:18)
  • 10_End (0:09)

    This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:
  • Demo_01 (2:53)
  • Demo_02 (1:58)
  • Demo_03 (1:22)

    All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails
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