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Great song. Epic is a perfect title. Used in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BgWmNzTJ5g

Great work, incredible graphics. Thanks you my friend.

Great song! Epic! :)


Thank you Alex!!

Very epic! I would like to hear this track from the cinema, which is near my house!)))

Thank you Infraction! :)

Just amazing! thanks for great music! good luck!

Thank you my friend!

Hi, just to thank you for this great music!!! Used for my wife´s first book trailer, http://youtu.be/8koRl6bs4yQ


Muchas gracias por usar mi música para el trailer del libro. Mucha suerte.

Me encanta el tema. Cuánta suavidad y fuerza inspira. Lo adquirí para montar el siguiente vídeo. Espero que el montaje se acerque a la calidad de la música. Ánimo y seguir creando piezas maestras. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAtpSB6DyGk

Gracias por adquirir Epic, he visto el video y es muy bueno, tiene una gran calidad. Enhorabuena amigo!

This is great! Good job!

Thank you Anna!!! :)

Listened to this song and fell in love with it. Used your music for an animation i made. You can watch it here: http://vimeo.com/86929231

Hope you like it too! Thanks for your great music. It is perfectly for my ideas i have at the moment!

I’ve seen the video, you’re an artist. Amazing gem and great work in 3D. Congratulations and thank you very much for using my music in their work.

It is MY work :-) I am a Goldsmith. 3D is my hobby! Happy that you like it too! Perfect kombination!

Great work my friend!!! :)

Purchase need me in any case the license the sound for my channel on Youtube trailer. I love that sound really good work. <3

Thank you!!!

You are a god! This song is such beautiful and epic! <3 My skin is frozen and my heart feels breave and honor. Pls go on with your music! Perfect moviemusic btw. Hope to hear more from you! Sorry for no profilpicture, i made this account only to say you this :)

Thank you very much for listening to my music and for your very nice words. :)

modeon was here!

Thank you Modeon! :)

nicely done buddy , sounds good =]

Thank you my friend!

Great song. Epic is a perfect title. Used in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc-IgCTpi4Q Thanks again for this wonderful music.

Impactful pictures, my congratulations master. Well edited image and sound. Perfect and thanks for using my music.

Hey, have you changed the song?? I have already downloaded the preview track about a year ago and it was very beautiful. But this one is different. I love that one :(

I think I’ve improved percussion, and some arrangements. The sound is now higher than before. But … thanks for your comment.

Is the previous version available for download??

Only this version. Sorry.

Thank you Nicolas!