This Historical Documentary Music

This Historical Documentary Music

Epic Music is the best background music for your inspired video!

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The Dramatic Music - 1 Inspire / Motivational Calm / Confident Meditative
Epic / Dramatic Soft / Background Funny
Romantic Triumphant Sad
Scary Nostalgic

The Dramatic Music - 2 Motivational Inspiring Uplifting
Technology Hopeful Confident
Minimal Logo Ident

The Dramatic Music - 3 Presentation Crowdfunding Apps & Games
Wedding Video Travel Video Timelapse
Fashion Advertising Slideshow
Cartoons Interview Aerial
Awards Reel

The Dramatic Music - 4 Cinematic Romantic Comedy
Corporate Dramatic/Action Experimental
Ambient Suspense / Dark Folk / Acoustic
Vocal / Voice Classical World Beat
Christmas Halloween Ramadan

The Dramatic Music - 5 Inspiring Calm / Confident Sad
Background Romantic

The Dramatic Music - 6 Elemental Dark Electric
Simple Glitch Seasonal
Corporate Epic Other

Purchasing includes:

  • Epic (Main Version 2.13) – 2:13
  • Epic (Short Version 1.03) – 1:03

    Powerful orchestral instruments and electronic elements creates epically music background. If you need background music for video with epicness and drama – this inspiring track would be great for you. This music would be great if you need background music for presentation or music comercial. Also, this music will be perfect background for extreme powerful sports videos and action Hollywood trailers.

    Featured instruments: airy strings, powerful drums, epic brass, rhythmic percussion, inspiring piano, heroic chorus.

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