Epic Trailer

Epic Trailer


This is a high quality epic track for your trailers, movies or video games.

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About the music:

The strong accent in the beginning and the following mysterious low sound decorated with intimidating sound effects warns us that the danger is near. Then the track develops into a patriotic theme that reminds of a soldier’s duty to stand the ground to the last. Dynamic melody with strong orchestral accents expresses the tension of a decisive fight. A powerful ending completes an incredibly intensive culmination and that may be a symbol of a resolute and definite victory.

Cinematic orchestra creates an epic atmosphere of this track, refined piano melody sets a mood of nostalgia, and brass, trombones, drums and percussions make the strong dramatic accents to the action. This music is a perfect background for dramatic movies and game trailers, showreels, cinematic montages, game cutscenes, youtube gaming videos, film scores, military and patriotic movies.


Orchestral strings, horns and brass (trumpets, trombones), rhytmic epic drums and percussions, sound effects. Cinematic montages, documentary and dramatic movies, film scores, game cutscenes or trailers, military and heroic movies.

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package.

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