Epic Trailer Pack

Epic Trailer Pack

Epic Trailer Pack consists of three powerful and epic background music tracks (and their versions). These tracks are full of action, emotion and heroism. This music can be used in a variety of projects where you want to create an epic, dramatic and emotional mood.

Included instruments: huge, epic, Hollywood style trailer sounds, cutting edge string risers, deep bass drops, impact hits, hard hitting percussion, various glitch sound effects, cinematic orchestra sections (dynamic staccato stings and brass), piano, horns, epic drums and hybrid effects.

Perfect for movie trailers, presentations, video production, backgrounds music, video games, podcasts, YouTube channels, sports, cinematic video teasers, movie trailers and many other commercials.

Sounds great in:

  • epic commercials;
  • adventure videos;
  • cinematic and inspirational trailers and teasers;
  • energetic showreels;
  • presentation videos;
  • atmospheric timelapses;
  • motivation video;
  • sport videos;
  • action openers;
Pack includes 3 tracks with variations:

The Epic Trailer
Full version – 1:51
Medium version – 1:20
Short version – 1:18
Teaser version – 0:54

Full version – 2:19
Medium version – 1:29
Short version – 1:13
Teaser version – 0:56

Epic Trailer
Full version – 2:57
First version – 2:17
Second version – 1:38
Third version – 1:19
One minute version – 1:00

Why this music pack is a profitable for you?
  • Flexibility: wide range of applications;
  • Huge discount!: 50%

To Videohive authors. You are always welcome, and you can use our preview tracks free in your video projects. We only ask you to link to our Audiojungle profile in the description of your item and to inform us about this so we can advertise your video too. Thank you!