Epic Trailer Pack Vol. III

Epic Trailer Pack Vol. III

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Myke is on his mission to deliver hard hitting trailer aswell as corporate production music to Audiojungle. Be prepared for new, fresh and inspiring content that serves almost every purpose – may it be TV, Radio, Videogame or your Youtube video.

Epic Trailer Pack – Vol. III

Indcluding six orchestral/hybrid trailertracks.


  • 0:01 The Bitter End (dramatic, piano, orchestral, choir) [1:56] and [1:41]
  • 3:32 Beauty and Courage (epic, orchestral, harp, RPG) [1:05]
  • 4:37 Karenina (piano, sentimental, dramatic, choral) [1:05]
  • 5:41 Salvation (epic, choral, piano) [1:00]
  • 6:43 Pure Energy (sci-fi, orchestral hybrid, vocal) [2:35]
  • 9:17 Trust (orchestral hybrid, choir, drumkit) [2:10]
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  • @ VideoHive authors: Feel free to use my watermarked tracks for your video previews.

    @ YouTube users: To clear any copyright claims on your videos (including monetized videos), simply visit this page, enter your details and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are removed within 24 – 96 hours.

    These tracks can be used almost anywhere, like commercials, for advertising, corporate videos, modern marketing, motivational presentations, for radio aswell as tv, travelling videos, cinematic trailers and teasers, everything with success, inspirational videos, of course for backgrounds, uplifting motivation videos, videogames, movies and documentaries, news and podcasts, slideshows, promotional clips, moving timelapse videos, for film, montages, websites aswell as any other video productions.

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