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Awesome!Very powerful track!

Nice professional work. Good sales!

Great, epic indeed. I am going to use as an intro for my podcast about manliness topics.

Thanks a lot!

Cool track, sounds very good!

Awesome work! I like it!

Thank you Lemonello !

Wow…great track here, bravo..!!!

Thank you NoiseHoop !

Wow!...Cool track! Keep up the good work!

Thank you !!! :)

This is amazing. Wonderful use of strings & brass, really similar to Immediate Music and other trailer companies. Also, perfectly mixed and mastered. One of the best tracks out here. Keep it up!

Cool idea and sound! That e-guitar sfx is totally nice!

Nice track! I’ve used in my videohive project here. It will be great if you post a link with image of my project in your description!

Thank you ! Nice project ! I will place a link with the image of your project :)

i am just thinking about purchasing your track, so, can i use this track on theatre advertisement?

Check this in Envato! Thank you for purchasing the track.

And tell me which licence we can buy?

you can see the licenses on the Envato website. or choose when buying a track. Thank you

Hi Gorilla sound – Ive just purchased this track but its only downloading the intro – Im not getting anything longer than 30 secs can you look into this for me as Id like to use this track ASAP? Great track BTW – Many thanks

Hi! It is very strange! No such problems were noticed by anyone. your mail?