Epic Trailer and Cinematic Pack

Epic Trailer and Cinematic Pack

Item Information

The only thing I can call this pack is epic. All tracks here includes orchestral elements such as brasses, strings, different powerful percussions, perfect men’s and women’s choirs, atmospheric electronics parts, awesome ambient textures, distorted guitars sometimes, strong growl sounds… uhh, I’m forget something? Well, this pack really hybrid!

Here you can find music with trailer\teaser structure, with classic growl sounds, powerful drum hits and orchestra. Track structure here is very flexible and rich of different soundings, it’s a reason to listen all these tracks completely. Overall this pack sounds strong, powerful, massive, wide, atmospheric, inspiring, punchy, aggressive a bit and epic epic and one more epic.

This pack includes 4 different tracks + 9 versions of them:

1. Epic Hybrid Trailer (2:33)
2. Epic Hybrid Trailer 2 (2:29)
3. The Event Horizon (3:06)
4. Space Epic Cinematic (2:16)

Additional versions:
1. Epic Hybrid Trailer (short version 1) (0:33)
2. Epic Hybrid Trailer (short version 2) (0:52)
3. Epic Hybrid Trailer 2 (short version 1) (1:03)
4. Epic Hybrid Trailer 2 (short version 2) (1:03)
5. The Event Horizon (short version 1) (1:24)
6. The Event Horizon (short version 2) (0:49)
7. The Event Horizon (short version 3) (0:46)
8. Space (short version) (1:09)
9. Space (without guitar) (2:16)

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