Epic Sports Highlights Kit

Epic Sports Highlights Kit

Epic Sports Highlights is a triumphant and inspiring track. Featuring a lush and engaging quiet section and an explosive and powerful chorus, this track will add great dynamics to your project! Featuring lush violins, clean piano, explosive drums and buzzing synths.

This is a music kit, designed for supreme flexibility and customisation. If messing about with loops isn’t for you try one of the 3 versions included with Epic Sports Highlights HERE

Included are 14 music loops:

01_IntroFX – 0:05

02_Intro – 0:17

03_Intro_Cymbles – 0:17

04_Build – 0:10

05_Chorus_PT1_Full – 0:17

06_Chorus_PT2_Full – 0:15

07_Chorus_PT1_Electro – 0:17

08_Chorus_PT2_Electro – 0:17

09_Chorus_PT1_Piano – 0:17

10_Chorus_PT2_Piano – 0:17

11_Breakdown_1 – 0:17

12_Breakdown_2 -0:17

13_Outro – 0:17

14_End – 0:06

We hope you like it, please come back to rate the track and we’d love to see how you use it, please send us a link!

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