Epic Sport Rock Pack

Epic Sport Rock Pack


Great for sport videos, sport videos, presentations, driving videos, athletics videos, motivation videos, achivement videos, body-builder videos, drift videos, fun videos, pre roll, advertisment, trailer videos, extreme sport videos, fighting videos, motivational advertisment.

This item includes 3 tracks:

1: Be Action Sport Rock (2:08)

Be Action Sport Rock - 2:08
Be Action Sport Rock (short 1) - 1:01
Be Action Sport Rock (short 2) - 1:01
Be Action Sport Rock (teaser) - 0:38
Be Action Sport Rock (loop) - 0:45

2: Sport Epic Rock Trailer (2:12)

Sport Epic Rock Trailer - 2:12
Sport Epic Rock Trailer (short) - 1:08
Sport Epic Rock Trailer (teaser) - 0:43

3: Sport Hard Rock (2:12)

Sport Hard Rock - 2:12
Sport Hard Rock (short) - 1:20
Sport Hard Rock (teaser) - 0:42

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3

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