Epic Spirit

Epic Spirit

“Epic Spirit”

The song has a beautiful introduction, followed by a dynamic buildup and coming to a heroic climax.Making epic original and unique and gives a sense of the spirit.Epic Spirit – perfectly combines elements inherent in the soundtrack, epic, trailer, action-adventure films.Conveys the atmosphere of constant movement,the feeling of freedom, inspiration, emotion, motivation and life.The composition will create uniqueness for your projects and will perfectly complement your video.Especially good is combined with manga, fantasy, comics, beautiful landscape, softly and gentle background.

Audio Files:

Main Version in the zip files contain:

WAV 44.100 Hz,16 bit / MP3 320 kbit

Perfect for:

The composition is perfect for such projects like:video projects, product advertisements, commercials, slideshows, anime and fantasy, adventure movie, documentaries, motivation video, photography production, viral marketing, travel videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, beautiful landscape, softly and gentle background. etc.


Strings – they are in this track play the role of the ostinato rhythms and lingering duration set the tone for the whole composition.

Piano – beautiful main melody, the sound of which falls into the song creating an atmosphere of serenity,lightness and airiness of the sound.

Brass – take up the role of the main melody that cuts through the orchestra and makes the composition more heroic.

Synthesized Vocals – gives the color and the colors in the song, and fills it with the rich sounding and warm tone.

Melodic Percussion – beautiful sound of these instruments a good supplement to the piano melody.Making them one with each other.

Epic Percussion – the epic sound of the big percussion instruments accentuate and complement the composition emphasizing the heroic tone.

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