Epic Score

Epic Score

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Epic Score Trailer – four versions for your Youtube Video projects:

Epic Score - Main [2:25] 
Epic Score - Trailer Mini [1:08] 
Epic Score - Climax  [0:47] 
Epic Score - Trailer [1:46] 

Epic and futuristic orchestra cinematic epic trailer piece of music wich included rise and fall pauses. Perfect for movie film trailers, game score or advertising intense video project on youtube or vimeo.

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Additional description to track “Epic Score”

Beautiful, powerful and inspirational cinematic epic trailer! Music is perfect for historical films, hollywood movies about superheroes, epicness trailers, heroic teasers, advertising intro, games score and many other ads incorporate projects! Track executed professionally and efficiently, so the cinematographique dark effect on the listener previews is guaranteed! Here we have used the impact sad violin, orchestral cello, energetic horns, battle war tuba, epical cine percussion drums, intense cymbals, epos piano and cinema dub drone sub-bass